Netflix triumph: rating of the best films and TV series


A cute and cozy collection of half-hour short stories about the personal life of young Chicagoans

Young parents, a fitness trainer (Orlando Bloom) and his wife (Malin Ackerman), bored in the evening, decide to try threesome sex and find a girl for this on Tinder. But there is one awkwardness: it turns out that this girl sings songs to their child at a circle for babies. This is one of the stories that make up the series “As easy as shelling pears”.

Indie filmmaker Joe Swanberg was invited to Netflix to do what he has been doing all his life – mumblecore. “Easy” is a classic mumblecore, that is, a low-budget series about the lives of ordinary people, consisting almost entirely of dialogue. Millennials from “Easy” in life, everything is too easy, so they almost do not draw conclusions from what is happening to them and thus violate the traditional dramatic way. But they have to themselves sincerity and the fact that they speak human, and not script-theatrical, language. Svanberg shows the life of people with beautiful faces in such a way that you want to be equal to them: do not hesitate to talk with your loved ones about anything, not be afraid to experiment, to love with all you can.


Postmodern crime series, the first original project in Netflix history

The series is about the adventures of the Italian gangster from New York, Frank “Trickster” Tagliano, who under the witness protection program goes to the Norwegian wilderness to build a new life. Moving to another continent, Frank first tries to assimilate, but then the Italian temperament takes over, which, by the way, only benefits the eternally frozen Norwegian town and its inhabitants.

The role of Frank went to Steven Van Zandt, who played Silvio Dante in The Sopranos. Fans of the series will surely remember Silvio’s hilarious parody of Michael Corleone. Actually, Van Zandt does the same at Lilihammer. For three seasons in a row, he gives out a set of funny gangster reprises: he praises Italian cuisine, swears, almost grabs a pistol. Ethnographic sketches about the northern people in the genre “what a strange Norwegians” also enriched this clownery.


Dramedy about a guy with chlamydia who wants to know who infected him

“You have chlamydia,” says the urologist. “And you need to contact your former sexual partners. Now take off your pants. ” The pants are removed by Dylan, who looks like the star of Britpop and Hugh Grant at the same time during the movie “Four Weddings, One Funeral”: broad-shouldered, swirling, unlucky. He spoils everything he gets involved in, and first of all, his own relationships. At the same time, he, of course, is sure that he simply has no luck with girls.

Simply put, LoveSick is a lot like Broken Flowers, a movie about a bad guy who embarks on a melancholy tour of his ex-girlfriend, only re-shot as a hipster series. This is a funny, sad and disarmingly honest sitcom about sleeping with half the city, missing happiness and still being a good person.


Marvel TV comic with a serious face about a blind lawyer who puts on a mask with horns and kicks thugs in the alleyways

At night, Matt Murdoch, a blind lawyer, hides his face under a mask and, using his sharpened senses, spies crime in his neighborhood. In the first season, his main enemy was the king of the underworld of New York, Wilson Fisk. In the second, he was the Punisher – an embittered crime fighter and also an important anti-hero in the Marvel universe.

The authors of the cinematic universe traditionally preferred the format of a cheerful booth, however, having got on Netflix, they armed themselves with a manual of the gloomy and pretentious Christopher Nolan. Not from a good life: only a realistic approach was able to restore the dignity of the superhero Daredevil after what Ben Affleck did to him in the 2003 film of the same name. As a result, the comic book series turned out to be much more successful. Separately, it is worth mentioning the corridor brawls, filmed in one shot, and the actor Vincent D’Onofrio, who managed to turn Wilson Fisk into the first non-cardboard villain in the history of Marvel.

Jessica Jones

Noir thriller disguised as a superhero

Jessica Jones is a girl with superpowers. She jumps from her seat to the third floor, stops the Ferrari with her hand and punishes the street criminals. Jessica works as a private detective in New York, drinks liters of bourbon, suffers from complexes and only occasionally remembers her abilities. However, the investigation of one of the cases again leads Jess to the maniac Killgrave (David Tennant, one of the Doctor Who), who once held her in mental slavery, forcing the girl to live with him and kill people for him by the power of thought. She managed to escape that time. But you can’t hide forever. And now Jones will be forced to overcome the rapist and his own fears once and for all.

Prior to the release of Wonder Woman, numerous fans of comic book adaptations were particularly unhappy with the lack of superheroines on the screens. Against this backdrop, Marvel, which has successfully mastered the Netflix platform with the first season of “Daredevil”, announced the series “Jessica Jones.” Kristen Ritter, who played the main role, made Jessica almost the most charismatic character in Marvel. She is an antisocial cynic, one of her appearance makes fun of any pretentious superheroics. But Jess is interesting not so much for sarcastic injections to others, as for her strong character: from a victim she quickly turns into a person who intends to win freedom from the abuser. That is, instead of an ordinary comic book show, Marvel shot a noir-drama about dealing with the trauma of the past.